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    I've been lurking on this board for a couple of weeks and have developed an interest in hiddengem's progress and it seems I am not alone. I was just wondering if he has a blog or website that would allow us to follow his spring training experiences and even through the season. I think it would be extremely enlightening for a number of us. I think we are all rooting for you (even though I'm a Yankee fan).

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    Welcome to the forum, I would point you 2 places to follow the progress of Hiddengem.

    #1. HG is so popular we dedicate a spot to him, where he updates everyone, as well as fields any questions we might have.

    #2. feel free to PM HG, he has kindly replied to each one of my personal PM's throughout the winter. HG does not require a "For hiddengem" thread, he actually is human, and will answer PM's.

    Because of that I am going to go ahead and close this thread. Feel free to contact him with questions. If you have questions for him that you feel others might have the desire to hear his reply to, use method #1. This will prevent him from having to browse the entire forum to see who has questions for him... Look at it as a way to mainstream the questions to HG.


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