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    this is some of the stuff jim dixon sent me
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    Pitching - Position of Front Foot?

    Here is a quote from the document:

    "A good pitching form stepping inside and internal repulsion by twisting directly add acceleration to a ball.

    A bad form. toe is straght ahead and from leg is bent. Center of mass is lowered and upper body is moving forward."

    While I understand why you don't want a pitcher's front knee to collapse, I am curious about the notion of "stepping inside", which I assume means not only slightly inside a direct line to the catcher but also with the toes slightly pointed in as shown in the picture attached.

    In viewing some pitching clips I have, I noticed that some pitchers do seem to get in the position shown but others don't. Does anyone recall if Nyman covered this matter? Is it something Dixon talks more about in his book?


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      Here is another quote from the attachment:

      "Their legs are narrow and pelvis are wide open, that lead me to came to Matawari, which is traditional Japanese stationary exercise after trials and errors for years. Matawari is to split your legs on a floor 180 degrees wide and lean an upper body to a floor that is popularly accepted in Sumo and Karate, since people believe the exercise improve power and speed of performance. I thought the exercise might generate force that pushes my pelvis from inside to outside to open wide that contribute to increase the power conductivity."

      Just wondering for those of you that have read Dixon's book if this is an exercise that he advocates?




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        joe, i talked with dixon years ago and this is something he sent me.unfortunately we never had the time to discuss the material.

        hopefully steve can chime in.


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