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    A local baseball facility is offering a hitting analysis using software to analyze 48 points of a batter's swing and then turns out a report and tips on how to improve the swing. It's called Pure Hitter Pro. Are any of you aware of this program? If so, do they compare your swing to rotation type swing or something else?

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    saw their add in Jr baseball Mag...must be new competition to Right Pro View

    Bound to happen soon


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      pure hitter

      Originally posted by swingbuster
      saw their add in Jr baseball Mag...must be new competition to Right Pro View

      Bound to happen soon

      This product is pretty sweet for the price. I picked it up a week ago and I was impressed. This product is loaded with big leauge players and also provides drills to work on. I think this product is great for parent's and players wanting to get to understand hitting. I wouldn't say this is of the caliber of Instruction that is provided by some from this site on the swing. I would say that it is useful though.



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        If it's the program I'm thinking of, it is not really competitive to RVP. Isn't this a service where you submit a clip, and someone else compares it for you?

        SOmewhat dependent on the skill of the person doing it, right?

        "Your rear elbow is 6 degrees elevated over ARod's elbow."

        Well, that MIGHT be valuable data. But it takes some skill to know. And to know why. And to know whether to fix it. And to know how to fix it - after all, almost all visible problems are downstream manifestations of things that happen much earlier in the swing. And to know how to fix it w/out unintended consequences. And to know how to prioritize multiple points of deviation from "ARod's" swing.


        Plus, you pay every time you want a comparison, right? (Rather than just firing up your camera and PC).

        What I WOULD bet is that the actual s/w and GUI is superior to RVP. Which has a certain value. But not a paramount value, at least in my mind.

        Best regards,



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          Count me as skeptical. Maybe I misunderstood how it works from their website but it looked like you indicate the location on the clip of various parts of the body (elbow, knee) during the swing and then the software comes up with a swing diagnosis apparently by comparing the same locations for their pro hitters?

          All views I saw where from across the batter's box... seems odd to me they wouldn't compare from different angles. Someone correct me if I'm offbase here as I've not actually seen the software.

          Hard for me to imagine it's very accurate if my understanding is correct.


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            Here is a link to Pure Hitter Pro software,

            I've looked at the software and it appears it does an analysis of your swing based on ckeck points and information you enter. It is suppose to be a self analysis sofyware program, it does all the work based on your input.

            I'm not sure about the clips. I don't know if you can just review clips, unless your doing an analysis and you pick a specific player.

            I don't think it's competition for Right View Pro, it's rather different in it's functions.


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              Yes Scott you pay everytime you do an analysis.


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                Pure Hitter Pro swing analysis

                The Pure Hitter Pro is a software package that uploads a swing video and evaluates it against a pre-defined standard. The pro siwngs are used for examples in the lesson and then you can sync your swing with the pros as a visual aid. They also offer an unlimited swing deal for coaches. Its the best package I've seen for training good hitting mechanics and swing drills.
                IN THE GAME


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                  Good value

                  I recently purchased a five swing version through their website. My son (he is 13 years old) and I had a good time working together to film his swing and do the analysis. It takes a while (which is a good thing in our case since my son was never bored with it and it is sometimes hard to find things that he wants to do with me) and we enjoyed it. We identified a couple of things to work on and will see how it goes. In addition the software came with a lot of tips and drills that I wish I had seen when I was a kid (back then all my coach told me was to keep my back elbow up.) All in all, I am happy with the purchase (we'll know more once his season starts), particularly considering its price when compared to other alternatives (private lesson, etc.) that I looked at.


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                    I wanted to know if the swing clips are at 30 or 60 fps?


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