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    I'm not a power hitter by any means at 5'4/135 I'm looking for a bat that's geared more towards contact hitters.

    what are some decent/good ones that aren't very expensive that would do the job?

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    I'm pretty much about your size, maybe about an inch taller and about 10 pounds lighter (I'm 11).

    I try to go for short bats that are real light so I can swing them fast. I have a problem with swinging early enough to get the bat infront of the ball to pull it for power, so the lighter the bat, the better it is for me.

    I use a Rawlings Liquid Metal bat that's 30 inches long and 17.5 ounces.
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      I'm about the same size give or take. I use a -5 , 32 inch, 27 ounce bat. I have really good batspeed, so I use a heavy bat. I think you might want a long bat, maybe not that heavy, though.
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        I'm 24 yo..which means I need a -3 bat if I plan on joining an organized league

        I got a 32/29 connexion off of ebay

        PS: Anyone know what size/weight bat David Eckstein used in college?


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