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Differences between baseballs

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  • Differences between baseballs

    Hi people
    I am a new user, and i decided to be part of this community because it seems to be the largest one that talks about baseball on the net.
    I am from Italy, and i coach a little team in our third division.
    In italy we are often talking about baseballs and their differences, and how these balls can improve or degradate performances of the athletes.
    The problem is that the federation from a couple of years uses the Wilson A1010 SST (super seam technology) baseball. Three years ago the official baseball for italian league was the SSK, nearest to rawlings. When they changed to Wilson, from a month to another the number of home runs was less than the half of the year before. It is impossible that the hitters have gone so low with pomer in just one year, so the ball is the only variable that we can consider.
    The WIlson SST has big raised seams much more raised than a normal rawlings major league ball. I think that higher seams meen higher friction with air and more resistance so that the ball flyes less longer and more slowly, in hitting and in pitching.
    What do you think about it?

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    Moved to fundamentals forum from statistics.
    Johnson and now Goligoski gone.
    I hope that's all.


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      That does make sense that the big seams would slow it down. I think the seams could have decreased the number of homeruns.
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