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  • intense overload training

    so the recent weighted ball discussion got me riled up, with the marshall part anyway, so using the wrist weights, and a iron ball one can avoid injury by strengthening bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles? so will this allow you to throw harder also? I understand that you must use marshalls mechanics to throw with these heavy items but will that strength, injury freeness and velocity carry over to normal mechanics?

    im throwing around 70 with tendonitis, during my offseason I plan to do marshalls 120 day workout for highschool kids with the 10lb wrist weights, and 6lb iron ball. I hope to be pain free, and be throwing harder than ever after im done, hopefully around 81-83mph next season with a good curve, and screwball ala marshall.

    so technically im only asking fastbal95, dirtberry and any other marshall followers, and chris o leary cuz he knows his stuff

    I would like this to stay about the training with really heavy balls and wrist weights, and not turn into another marshall discussion I know it will be hard but have some self control. thanks
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