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I did not watch my sons JV tryout, but---

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  • I did not watch my sons JV tryout, but---

    Well I have more cars than I really need, I have had one of my cars sitting up at shop for more than a month and I got a call today to come get it or they will start charging me rent.

    What in the world does this have to do with JV try outs you may be asking yourself.

    In another thread I started titled SHOULD I GO TO MY SON JV TRYOUT. I decided to not to go. But since I had to pick up the car I cruised the HS parking lot just to get a glimpse of what was going on. Not much, it looked like the coach was talking to them. So I just keep on going, I find it funny that I think I am more excited than my son. I guess you can call me a baseball junkie, I got it bad.

    Don't get me wrong my son is excited but does not show it. I have seen him get up with bases loaded and take the pitcher to a 3-2 count and he is smiling up there at bat, while I am dieing with anticipation.

    So I ask him how was try outs when he got home, all he said was ok. I swear I really feel like he is playing me at times. Well I ask what did you do and did you do ok? He said he went 5 for 8 in the batting cage with 4 line drive. He went 5 for 5 for bunts. He did not miss any ground balls hit to him and caught all the fly balls hit to him. He loves the catcher position but will play most any position just to be able to play.

    So again I ask him how he thought he did again, he said he did OK.

    Well my son did OK, in typing this I am now thinking that my son is teaching me how to be humble. I am proud of how he is handling life on his own now.

    try outs taught me a lot,

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