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    Originally posted by Kupuna View Post
    My grandson tried a no stride swing but decided to go back to striding. I taught the swing looked ok but he felt that his timing was off and did not feel quite right. Here is a clip of his swing I took with a camera so it is not very clear.
    What should he work on improving.
    First I apologize for injecting humor into this thread when you are looking for advice.
    The suggestion of looking at video is, of course, a good one.

    Let's look at the things your grandson does well,
    1. He does cock the hips (this "inward turn" is good)
    2. He has intent to hit the ball hard
    3. He can rotate reasonably well

    Now, "tie-ing things together" where he is more effecient is where the challenge lies.

    To relate to where you are I have a new student, 12 yrs old. I forgot how "loose"(not necessarily a bad thing.) and "army" their swings can be.

    Others here are more qualified than myself to offer advice, but the starting point, Imo, with your grandson, is to figure out a plan to delay the "arms".
    Most everything we do has our arms "reaching out"...however this same natural reaching out can be detrimental in the swing.
    Many things in the swing fall into place when the "arms' action" is correct, such as better;
    1. Contact point (deeper)
    2. More consistent contact with the sweet spot (more barrel accuracy)
    3. When the ball is hit deeper the swing is (usually) executed quicker.
    4. More power
    5. "Mechanics" improve

    So, what do the arms (shoulders, hips, legs) look like on a "fat" pitch---at contact? (see photo below)
    How do you get there?
    1. Reps
    2. A reasonable understanding of swing mechanics
    Jim Booth would say hips, hands, head (bat head)
    Others would say hang onto the bat and "turn".
    Others would have you move the hands to create the correct path / sequencing.
    In your quest to help him,,, find someone that works with kids and that can give you examples of kids they work with.
    3. Emulation / study of video
    4. Trial and error

    As you can see it is hard to put into one post, words, that describe the entire swing.

    BUT, The question remains, "Where do I start?"
    I would make this suggestion,
    With the bat on or barely off his shoulder-- have him learn to rotate into the ball.
    Don't restrict his "want" to move his hands (back).
    Do encourage him to delay, (not rush), the hands / arms-- FORWARD.
    Some success I've had with "too much arms" is to first slow things down.
    (I use front toss, lots of front toss, in the early stages)
    No machine to try and "time" (yet they are still hitting a moving ball), no live arm where there are then "two pressures" to hit well and one to try and "move more correctly."
    Slowing things down,,,They then can feel the sequencing better. IMO.

    Your grandson has all the elements, orchestration of the elements will be a process and I applaud you for being involved.

    Once I figure out how to convert video from you tube,
    I will do a side by side comparison,
    unless someone has already done this for you.

    In the meantime here is a picture of Manny at contact; (a good goal)
    To get to this point, one must look upstream and figure out the steps to get there. A worthwhile goal, IMO.

    If you are inclined--- with some work on your part --you and he--- will be your own best instructors. Enjoy it.

    manny 2.JPG


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      Thanks for the advice. Will work on the areas you mentioned.


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        Heres my 2 cents worth, or maybe even worthless.
        It appears like he is not coming from the inside of the ball, maybe even from the outside a bit, giving a bit of a loopy swing.

        I do like the hip rotation with the no stide technique, I see some kids lack a lot of hip rotation with a stride, or sometimes not have the rotation by using there forward momentum.


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          Originally posted by LClifton View Post
          Once I figure out how to convert video from you tube,
          I will do a side by side comparison,
          unless someone has already done this for you.

          I found this site recently for doing this:


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            Originally posted by MSandman View Post

            I found this site recently for doing this:
            You are THE man.! Thanks.


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