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Pitchers: rotational vs linear momentum

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  • Pitchers: rotational vs linear momentum

    i have found this website:

    that you probably know yet.
    But i took a look at several MLB pitchers and i noticed one thing.
    I don't know if this is just an optical effect due to the position of the camera that is always on the right of RH pitchers, but i have the sensation that in a lot of motions of different pitchers, at the moment of the release, their shoulders are not pointed to home plate.
    It's difficult for me to explain about this even in can imagine in english
    But take a look at Farnsworth:

    if you draw a line from his left to his right shoulder, you'll see that at the release point the right shoulder has took the place that his left shoulder had before the release of the ball. That line is almost parallel to the right foul line.
    Infact looks like his trunk is going in a direction, and the ball gets delivered with another direction, there is an evident angle between these two vectors.
    The same thing i've seen in many others pitchers.
    I think that the linear momentum generated with the striding forward has turned to the rotational phase so hard and fast that his shoulders look at the first base dugout while he is delivering.

    Maybe i'm nuts but i've always been teached to keep my shoulders parallel to the home plate. These guys don't!

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    Good for you for checking your beliefs against video of the best in the world. You're on the right track IMO.


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