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Triple knee extension of FRONT LEG

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  • Triple knee extension of FRONT LEG

    I've looked at and there video's and I think they are right about riding the back leg for as long as possible.

    But I does triple knee extension of the FRONT leg cause more energy to travel to the body?

    I noticed Nolan Ryan, Tim lincecum and King-felix all do this and other in the mlb.

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    Yes, it does cause more energy to be transferred into the body, and possibly through the arm if the kinetic chain is managed well.

    However, some analysts (Chris O'Leary) believe it can cause hyperextension of the leg and increase the chances of leg/hip injuries, which definitely seems plausible.

    On a related note, Yeager's fourth step of hitting is "Front leg push," which is pushing against the ground with the lead leg after a strong block, which causes linear momentum to be converted into rotational momentum. It's not so different with regard to pitching.
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