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Swingbuster on PCRw and Yeager

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  • Swingbuster on PCRw and Yeager

    Swingbuster (on PCRw and Yeager)


    It stands for "whip"

    Nyman coined PCR. It quick fixed( bandaided) some bad swings. I said on line first that it should be
    PCR -Whip as a joke because they had left out what MLB players develop in their swing...a segmented whip...a term PHD Chris Yeager coined .

    Since PCR was at risk of losing commercial value, Nyman added the w to throw a net over the entire market and claim what he never taught or believed in originally. He had said" you can teach a high level swing with no arm and hand action". Well you can't teach one that has any adjustability to all field and hits for power.

    I have publically stated twice that Nyman never put that togther until after I showed BHUT loading and how it segmented the body. Yeager called it " barrel loading" until foot plant. It was plane transition of the barrel from 45 to vertical back to the launch slot that slowed the hands and helped coil the hips and stopped the hands from being simply pulled forward at launch. Instead they are turned back to plane at launch creating early batspeed developing into the back side of the swing arc...Mankin stuff Nyman refuted. He only hates those that are right

    Since I said " It should be PCR-W", nobody has come forth to refute that because they cannot as it is true. An believe me ..if they could they would.

    PCR swings are the ones where batters cannot keep a ball fair. You will bury your 3B coach doing that.

    PCR will reduce marginal errors in timing( so will a bunt) for young players with bad swings.

    The bad is it will disquise their inability to use and time a shift, retard the players sense of a need to load, make them pull field hitters, reduce overall power.

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    donny is surely missed...


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        Mark, when discussing many of Donny's comments, it helps to put them in a historical framework. Donny's observations were at at time when the "hitting wars" were at their peak. Often, emotion ruled the day and so when PCR was discussed, it was as a hitting system despite the fact that those involved were often saying that it was not a hitting system but rather a way to measure hitter's progress. I too was involved in those arguments as I know you were. Nyman came on to this site and others stating such many many times. In outlining that system of measurement perhaps Nyman noticed that he had not incuded wrist due to Donny's comments. Maybe he discovered it on his own. I really don't know and can't speak for Nyman. Donny's argument you posted above is not valid in that he does address PCR as a hitting system.

        Donny and I were friends. We talked on the phone several times and exchanged emails on a weekly basis. In fact, I talked to Donny a couple of days before the tragic event. Donny would be the first person to tell everyone that he didn't have it all figured out. I have but will not share with anyone some of his comments about hitting. They were thoughts that he exchanged with me to get my perspective as he questioned some of his own. A few of the members here and including myself were sent "Donny's Presentation" before he shared it with others. Donny did not intend for that to be the sole statement of his beliefs. Rather, it demonstrated his beliefs at that point and time but Donny was a "truth seeker" and never stood pat on what he knew. I'll wrap up with this, I sent Donny my "Qualities of an Outstanding Hitter" handout that I gave to all of my players. Donny edited that version and sent it back. I cherish that edited version and often look at it. While I might not agree with all of it, he took the time to comment on every one of my thoughts and I appreciated it.

        I hope this puts Mark's post in proper light.

        Take care,

        RIP Joe Lindley (Jake Patterson) Oct. 25, 2019, Scott Sarginson (SSarge) Nov. 17, 2016, Donny Buster (Swingbuster) June 1st 2007. Zachary "Doug" Reddell (Bluedog) December 22, 2022. Greatly missed by so many!


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