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    Long time since my last post! anyway I was wondering which camcorder most of you use to video tape you players? Looking for a camcorder that i can reply very slow (frame by Frame). I have used my digital camera for last year or so, but that's hard to do for a team.

    Any suggestion without breaking the bank?

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    I use a Canon ZR500. Budget camera that uses MiniDV tape + Firewire connection and it works reasonably well with an LCD screen and decent battery life (I would buy an extended life battery, though).
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      $100 Flip video camera. No optical zoom but cheap, small and easy to use. If you can afford better and need zoom, get better.


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        I used the Canon ZR830. Picked it up factory refurbed for $135. Happy so far.

        It does not have a "frame by frame" feature per say, but it does the job for my novice attempts at analyzing my son's swing.

        I use iMovie, and can slow the video down with a video effect. After I saved it as a movie file, I can manually advance using the arrow keys in the quick time player.

        Good luck.


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