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Which type of bat is better?

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  • Which type of bat is better?

    I play baseball for my High School Junior Varsity team and I was wondering what aluminum bat is better. The half and half barrel aluminum bats or the full barrel aluminum bats?

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    I find half barrel is better.
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      I have taken a few swings with the half and half bat during a few practices. It really makes you focus on putting the barrel of the bat on the ball. Dont know if thats a good or bad thing.

      I didnt like the feed back from the bat after making contact though. Also I dont like the top heavy feel.
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        Yeah, the contact on the half and half is less I believe. The less contact on the ball, the less power. But when I look at the high priced bats, they are usually the half and half bats. So basically, this is hard to decide.
        What I got now is the easton Rebel sc888 and I am curious if I should stay with this one or go to one that is the same price but is half and half? Any ideas?


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          They are about the same it depends on which one you get. For example the vexxum or now vendetta is probably one of the worst performing bats on the market. The Easton reflex is a one piece bat but it's about the same as a vexxum performance wise. It all comes down to what type of hitter you are and what feels comfortable to you. Me personally I used to really like the one piece bats but after using the Easton stiff stealth comp and the demarini cf3 and voodoo I tend to prefer a two piece bat now. Exo's and omahas are still really good bats.
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            akadema due to weight distribution

            The Xtension is the most technologically advanced Pro Balanced bat on the market today. The Akadema Xtension was created for one purpose... More Bat Speed! The Xtension Pro balance design was formulated to give a hitter more control, leverage and bat speed at the plate. The Pro balance allows for a better distribution of weight throughout the entire bat. The result is a much more manageable bat with increased barrel speed through the hitting zone, creating increased bat speed and power.

            they put some of the weight in the bottom of the handle. which would seem to make the bat feel less top heavy.

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