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  • Weighted Baseballs

    I bought a set of 6 weighted balls ranging in weights from 7oz to 12oz.
    There have been mixed views on use of these. I think if used correctly,
    they are useful. On the package, it explains how to use them.
    You warm up with a regulation ball for at lease 20 throws from a distance of
    about 30 feet. Gradually increase the distance until you reach a distance you feel in the longest you can comfortably throw. By this time you should be sufficiently loose and warmed up.

    Stand about 40 feet from a net (or partner) and throw the 7oz ball, taking care to maintain proper motion and follow through. Throw this ball at about 60% of your normal throwing velocity.

    The instructions basically say to do this and move back until you have reached your max comfortable throwing distance. I won't type every word in the post, but you can get the idea.

    Then it says to switch back to the regulation weight ball and throw for about
    10 mins at normal velocity from 40-50 ft.

    Then progress to the next heaviest weighted ball in your next workout,
    repeating the same warm-up procedure, and to Never attempt to throw weighted balls at full velocity.

    *** This takes disciplince, and maybe that is why some view weighted balls
    as not a good thing. I am not an expert, but I would think a player under 18 would probably want to avoid weighted balls, just using common sense.

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    How do you feel the next day, does anything hurt?

    Yogi Berra was asked by a reporter "How do you catch a knuckle ball?" He came right back and said "When it stops rolling"


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      Anything to take the focus off the lower 2/3 of the body...

      Return them, get a medicine ball and learn what it takes to get into shape.

      I hate weighted balls and the person who thought they would be helpful.

      "There are no miracles in sports. Miracles have been rehearsed hundreds of times in practice." - Scott Waz


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        If you are using the traditional throwing motion nothing could be worse!!
        “You can’t build much muscle mass with” an 8 oz object.
        Velocity is not determined by over mass, percentage of fast twitch to slow twitch
        Muscle fiber does. More mass will help you get through the rigors of ballistic
        Contractions. If you get rid of “Forearm bounce” and throw inside of vertical
        Then you can overload train for higher strength “sport specifically”.
        Primum non nocere


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          Weighted balls are not the devil everyone thinks they are. They're just another tool to help develop throwing capabilities (and there are many).

          If you know what you are doing, they can be beneficial. My son has used them (along with other training techniques) with a lot of success.


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