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The Function of the Back Elbow in the Swing

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  • mickey34
    I don't think mechanically the back elbow has much play in the swing. Not to say that it does not move during the swing, but other then keeping the bat at the proper angles, I think the front side elbow has greater impact on the swing.

    I submit that one of the theories of Barry Bonds prolific seasons (besides the obvious) was that he had an elbow protector that was basically bent at the proper angle that enabled him to produce the proper bat angle when attacking the ball in his swing. The brace was on his right arm (front side) and not his back side.

    I am going through the motions now, and other than slightly tucking my elbow against my side before I move my hands through the hitting zone, there is slight pronation as my arms straighten and hands turn at impact.

    Those are my thoughts.

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  • Twitch5
    started a topic The Function of the Back Elbow in the Swing

    The Function of the Back Elbow in the Swing

    I saw something in a college baseball game today that got me thinking...

    I was watching the Mississippi vs. Florida game on ComCast Sports this afternoon, where the Mississippi first basemen (Smith?) hit a HR to straight-away center. The announcers stated how that wasn't bad power for a player with a torn UCL in his right elbow. I guess he had also hit a walk-off HR in yesterday's game.

    This got me thinking as to how much exactly the rear elbow is used to generate power/batspeed. Is the rear elbow/rear arm just "along for the ride" and not matter considerably until after contact?



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