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Proper sliding technique

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  • Proper sliding technique

    We covered sliding into second on the steal in practice today.( 11+12 year old Boys Majors ) Its my first year coaching and its been about 18 years since I played so I just want to make sure what I am teaching is correct...

    I taught them the pop-up slide into second, right leg tucked under left leg, left leg slightly bent to give slightly on impact. I gave them the theory that as you finish you want to pop up immediately and be ready to advance to third. I stressed right leg under left leg for two reasons:

    1. It turns your back to the throw and prevents the runner from taking one from the neck up on the throw/tag.

    2. Popping up with your back to the infield also allows you to immediately see if the ball has gotten thru the infield and make a judgement on whether or not to advance without having to turn and try to pick up the ball if you slid in facing the infield.

    Any thoughts?


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    Sounds pretty good to me. I would add to tuck their chin, and keep there hands up. Make sure they are sliding evenly on both butt cheeks.
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      sounds good mostly....

      I have always slid with the left leg tucked... shouldn't matter, heres why...

      The upper half of their body will always face 2nd base/left field, left leg out, or right

      when they pop up from the slide, they will still be facing left field

      so i agree that it is a good idea to have your back towards the ball and the player looking towards center after the slide....


      with the left leg out, they will slide straight into the tag if they're stealing 2nd...while with the right leg you can turn and hook your leg around the tag (sliding on the side of your left leg)

      just food for thought...both ways have their advantages in different situations


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        I see that Dan Arenas '05 Played for you guys. As you probably know Eastern Connecticut State University - CT is one of the best D3 programs in the country. Great baseball!! You ever get up this way let me know.
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          Originally posted by Lady_Knights View Post
          Sounds pretty good to me. I would add to tuck their chin, and keep there hands up. Make sure they are sliding evenly on both butt cheeks.
          What slide has the runner evenly on both butt cheeks? I played from LL through college and never heard of this? It doesn't happen in a pop up slide. It doesn't happen with a hook slide to either side. It obviously doesn't happen going head first.


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            A good runner should be able to slide tucking either leg under. It depends where the throw is. The leg extended should be the furthest from the tag. Right leg out for a throw on the left side of the bag and left leg out for a throw on the right side of the bag. When teaching sliding I emphasize this point. Other than that I think you did a swell job. Keep up the good work coach!


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