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  • Tee Work Idea

    When doing tee work with hitters I have them look at the ball in a mirror placed outside the net and about 12 or so in front of the tee. Just thought I would pass the idea along in case you might find it useful.


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    Question on Tee work

    I have a question on hitting off of a Tee. One standard cue when hitting off of a tee you hear is line drives up the middle.

    I think Doug once posted that he likes to take a kid, plop a tee on home plate and tell them to figure out how to hit line drives over the Shortstops head. The idea being that eventually the kid figures out how to rotate better. Sure enough I had one of the boys trying this out and not only was he not able to hit this SS liner, but in fact many balls were not even up the middle. While I wasn't able to fix it the other day, it appeared to me (Video Cam was in repair) with the naked eye that his shoulders kind of stopped rotating.

    Having said all that what I am driving at is that he did seem to hit the crap out of the ball but wasn't pulling much. I still think line drives up the middle area a good thing, but I am curious if anyone else looks for the kid to pull the ball.


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      Doesn't it depend on where you place the tee? Inside I want him to pull the ball hard into left to left-center. Outside I want him to drive the ball the other way. Down the middle, I want line drives back through the middle.



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        Well from piecing together my vague recollection, on a standard simple tee with a stem shooting up the middle, if the ball is smack dab in the middle of the plate, you ought to be able to pull that ball on a line over the SS. Not that smacking one up the middle is a bad thing, I just recall something that if that liner is heading over the SS's head the kid got the barrel around a bit better.


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          Put the ball on the tee with the seams vertical and hit the inside seam. Teach inside /out or circular hand path.

          Kiss the kid that is hitting up the middle and work more to RC. They can all pull in a game


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