40 years old. Never been head baseball coach. I got thrown in at last second and want to do it right. Help! ( ha )

I have 9 kids. No more. We have practice Tues. and Thurs. 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

I need some help fast if you guys can.

1. I don't think my kids know how to throw any pitches except for winding up and wingin' it.

Should I be teaching them how to throw some pitches and if so...which ones and where can I find instruction on proper technique?

And should they always be practicing with a catcher so that he gets work? I don't know signs and not sure what to tell the pitcher and catcher to work on together. ( boy oh boy am I hurtin or what? )

These are kids out in a small country town and I don't think they've been taught a whole lot relative to how to do things properly.

2. How many people are to engage in a run down? I have no idea what their assignments are on this. I've seen one diagram on the internet where a guy showed where everyone should go to in the event of a run down and the entire team got involved on some level. I've read other places that only a couple of kids should get involved. I looked and looked for a video clip of how they do it in the major league and I found nothing so I'm clueless on that. Do they peel off or go forward after the throw?

3. I only have 9 kids. If one is out I'm hurting so should all of the kids be doing all of the drills in case I have to move people? So far I will have them do infield drills similar to what greybeard mentioned and then I will have them doing outfield drills.

4. Which batting drills are absolutely essential and with an hour and a half to work with should I do half of the practice on batting drills?

5. The other day I had a coach on 1st and 3rd as runners and told them to try and get them out and it was chaos. Any tips, links, or instruction on that will also be greatly appreciated.

6. What's the best tips for teaching the outfielders? Should I definitely be using tennis balls with these kids?

7. Lastly, how to actually swing the bat? Proper technique on that will also be greatly appreciated. I see some people saying that the pros do open and rotate their hips to gain power and I watched a video online where some guy showed many of them doing it but is this what you guys teach the kids? I don't want them getting into bad habits that are going to hurt them down the road. I'm concerned with them getting taught properly in case they want to play high school ball...college...etc.

If anyone has input to one or all of these before 4:30 p.m. central standard time today it will be greatly appreciated ( afterwards will be fine too ).

I hope I'm not appearing to try and take advantage of anyone. I don't want you guys doing it for me..just to tell me "what" to do. I don't mind getting in there and sweating with the kids. I love kids to death and want the best for 'em. I'm coaching many kids from broken homes.