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  • Need some advice-Please Help!

    Hello everyone. I just found the site and I need some advice.

    In our town we have a Teeball League that is 6-7 and some 8's. A Farm League that is 9-10 and some 8's and a little league that is 11-12 and some 10's.

    My son is 7years old. He started playing Teeball at age 5. (The league made an exception for him). He has played two years of Teeball and I was the coach of the team both years. I have always preached not to push the kids, but to have fun, enjoy the game and learn to play the game. Today the league had tryouts for Farm League. If a kid does not make Farm League, they have him play Teeball another year. I was approached by several people saying my son was the best one out there. I did get asked to coach a Farm League team, if my son got picked. Out of all the 7 year olds who tried out, he was the only 7 year old picked. My question is, in Teeball it is 2 practices a week and when games start 1-2 games a week which are only 3 innings. Farm league is 4 practices a night until games start and 2-3 games per week and 6 innings of play. Since my son is the only 7 year old, should I have him play Farm League? or have him stay in Teeball another year?

    I just don't want to be a parent who is always pushing the kid at such a young age, they loose interest in the game later in life, but he is so competitve and loves the game so much and I am really on the fence and would love to hear some feedback from all you coaches and parents/

    Thank you

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    i've always kept my son down, he got a extra yr of LL when
    they changed the date.but he was never the best player. but you said you never want to push so dont.


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      Thank you for the reply. Your answer is the dilema I am under...If I let him go up, am I pushing? Or if I keep him down, am I hindering?


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        What does he want to do? If the answer is go up, is he capable enough to have some success? It's no fun if he is overmatched size and strength wise..
        IMO, if he wants to, let him. His choice, not yours is a better way to go(I think)


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          randy's right. Let the boy know he has a decision to make and stick by. It's been a long time but if I remember right many of us could have played Both schedules without tiring of it.


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            My son stayed in his age group until he had the opportunity to stay back in LL as a 12yo when the date changed. He moved up with his old age group. Yes he dominated 7/8's as an 8yo and 9/10's as a 10yo and 11/12's as a 12yo, but so what. He had fun playing with his friends. Preteen is more about fun than advancement.


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              Many of us had DD's or sons that were "one of the best" out there. That's why many dads come here to chat, they share that trait. My opinion is to keep him with his age group and his friends. What happens pre-MS really doesn't matter much. What is MOST important is to keep his interest and fun level high.

              Also many of our 8-year-olds were 8 years old twenty years ago so we have the advantage of hind sight.
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