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gyro bat?

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  • gyro bat?

    I got this ad recently and looked over the gyro club and wondered if something similar could be inserted into a bat....

    "Finally, a training club that bridges the gap between mechanics and feel.
    The SKLZ Gyro Swing literally ?comes alive? in your hands to force your
    swing to stay perfectly on plane and encourage a proper weight shift and
    release. With a 20,000 RPM gyroscope in its clubhead, the Gyro Swing
    provides resistance to off-plane swings, coming over the top, and casting.

    Get rid of your slice. Fix your hook. Bomb it down the middle. All by
    ingraining the ?feel? of a perfect swing. Visit [] to buy now or get more information."

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    When the golf channel had that on the inventors show, the panel raved how great it was for staying on plane, you got immediate feedback. I don't that could work for a bat, though because it's not on the same plane for the whole swing like a golf swing.


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