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  • OverLoad feel and real

    Sports Science is one of the best shows and they recently teamed up with perry husband to do a study to see if the bat speed will increase if ou use weighted bat before you bat. They concluded that your swing would drop 1 mph which would make your swing from hitting the sweep spot to the end of the bat in a swing.

    I've never used a weighted bat in my life because I thought it slowed my swing down and now they have proved it.

    They said that the reason it slowed down was the heavier bat used more red fibers or Slow Twitch and trained the body to move slower. Can this be said for weighted baseballs and weight training?

    Should we train with 4oz and lighter then game used bats to increase speed?

    It's the difference between the feel of moving faster when you go from heavy to light and what really is happening you slow down.

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    anyone want to comment?


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      So I guess that is the difference between "overload" and "underload" training. I have a 33/35 that I swing to build strength.

      I wonder how strength training would affect swing speed. Ted Williams said that it was speed and not weight that makes the difference.
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        Yes, Speed not strength when you swing a bat or throw a baseball.


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          Search the threads--this has been proven long ago by Coop DeRenne. I believe I posted the results somewhere.
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            Many claim to have expertise in this area. Although the ones around the internet have never worked with players or enough to actually have trained a athlete.

            The only one who has actually done the research and put athletes through a training program is Derenne, not to mention I believe he has a degree in exercise physiology.

            Derenne came to the same conclusion many years ago. That using a heavy bat actually slowed the swing. He used several different bat weights (devices).

            But, these heavy bat weights such as donuts, etc., aren't used to swing the bat. They are used to stretch out and not really used to swing.

            Derenne's book, Power baseball has all his research and findings. Like I said he is the only one who has actually put pitchers and hitters through actual training programs.

            In a nutshell going to 'light' or to 'heavy' above the correct implement is not productive. Things like throwing steal balls or anything Marshall does is not productive in any situation. The only thing a real heavy implement will cause is a very controlled muscled up motion, that is neither ballistic, natural, explosive, or any method used in competition.

            I don't think it's right to talk about his research on this website. We can talk about through PM's.

            Another person who has actually put pitchers through a training program is Ron Wolforth. I don't know exactly what he does as far as weighted balls, but I do know he uses several training implements, such as strengthening cords.
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              last year i thought it was stated that the best is to train with heavy and light bats. Do equal amounts of both


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