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Wilson A2000: Price and Quality

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  • Wilson A2000: Price and Quality

    At the local sports store, they have wilson A2000's for sale, brand new for $189.99. I don't know if this is right, but don't they usually sell for $289.99 or $389.99? So the final question, is this a decent or cheap price for a A2000 and is it worth the bargain? (I don't wanna spend the money if it isn't good)

    Note: This glove will prolly be used for next season, since my louisville tpx is still in really good shape.

    Thanks in advance.

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    That is the normal price for the A2000 the gloves that cost 280+ are the Wilson A2K which are nice and soft gloves if that is the kind you like.

    I like rawlings pro prefered since they last longer then the wilson A2000 that I had. They are stronger and don't get to soft to soon instead the leather stays stiffer longer which is how I like my glove when I play.


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      Most A2000's go for around $200. And it seems like there are around 20 different glove types. As RiStar said, the A2K is the Super-Premium Wilson glove now.

      I know that many players swear by the A2000. Personally, I think there are better gloves out nowadays. Rawlings HOH, Nokona, Akadema, etc.

      Also... Maybe it's me, but I think that the many of the softer, "broken-in" gloves don't seem as durable.



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        I think how good a glove it is depends upon what position you play as well. The older A2000 catcher's mitts were the best in the biz for a long time and still are among the best. I had an a2000 first base mitt as well when I was trying to learn first base and I hated that glove, but loved the Rawlings I replaced it with (but never cared for Rawlings catchers mitts for some reason).


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          I ahve a Rawlings catchers mitt, its ok. But I love my Wilson outfield glove.
          See ball, hit ball.


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