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    I have read quite a few great posts on these forums. I wanted to ask for advice on purchasing a few good quality-easy to understand (kind of necessary for me-not my son) dvd programs on hitting, pitching and conditioning for players age 12-14. I figure these are important developmental years and I know there are a lot of great dvd series/products out there. I've heard about Mike Epstein, Steve Englishbey, Bruce Lambin, Dick Mills, Bill Peterson and Jon Doyle to name a few. I am also curious about feedback regarding the hands back hitter. My son works off the t all the time and I have considered buying the HBH.

    I really need some advice on purchasing a few products that will be worthwhile investments. My son does not have the advantage of a Dad around that can work with him everyday. But he is naturally athletic, very coachable & a hard working kid that enjoys the game. If you have any knowledge of these types of instructional programs and can recommend some or others I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!

    Also..Are there any posts here or somewhere else that review these type of baseball products??

    Thank you!!!!!!

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    If you buy Englishbey's dvd's and your son is active on Englishbey's forum in terms of putting up video regularly he will have a bunch of dads looking over his shoulder daily offering advice on his swing. Some stuff on there for throwing as well. Good for you for trying to find what he needs. Best wishes.


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      I really like the Fundamentals of Baseball series from Linedrive sports. The DVD's are short enough (about 30 minutes) each to hold a teenagers interest, but pack in a lot of information. I especially like how the infielding, catching, and baserunning DVD's. There is lots of attention to detail and breaking down the fundamentals. The hitting and pitching stuff is just OK, but you can get all (5) DVD's for $45.99.

      I also found a few good videos/DVD's at my local library. They had the Little League DVD series which was just OK and another pitching/catching tape that I really liked - "Pitching and Catching - Baseball Skills and Drills featuring Pat McMahon". I liked how he (Pat McMahon) explained how the different pitches moved and where to throw them, plus a bunch of good pitching/catching drills. I wouldn't have bought them otherwise but the price was right

      And if you have digital cable like Comcast, they sometimes have stuff in their free "On Demand" section, Sports Skool or something like that.
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        I would recommend:
        Steve - Hitting
        Bill Peterson - Pitching
        Jon Doyle - Dynamic warm ups for baseball
        Dave Weaver - Catcher's

        All have sites that help support their products.
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