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im new to pitching and need some help please

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  • im new to pitching and need some help please

    i am new to pitching, and need some help. Im a sophomore and i can hit almost 80 mph pitching. I was taught a circle change grip a month or two ago and when i throw it i get some serious movement, but i dont really know how to control it. My first question is what are things that can increase my fastball velocity, just working out? and my second question is how do high level pitchers develop pinpoint location while throwing as hard as they can..i seem to be around the strike zone often, however i throw straight down the middle and have been able to throw it by hitters, which cant work for very long.

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    well you want a strong full body but even more important then the strength you want flexibility. Look at Tim Lincecum he stretches like a gymnast all the time and he throws hard. If you stretch enough and work on core strength you will be fine.

    Shoulder strength, Core strength and flexibility of full body are important.


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