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  • solo long toss

    i wondered if you guys thought this was a good idea or not. my ? relates to me playing rec softball but baseball exercises mostly apply. i often don't have anyone to play catch with. most guys i play with don't do anything until game time. i'm an older guy and try to stay in shape to hang with the younger guys.
    i start at pitchers mound and throw a bucket of balls to home plate,then move to one of the bases and repeat throw to home. then i move to outfield in 5 or 10 ft increments,until i'm 1 hopping the ball to home. i strive for accuracy but i figure it's got to be building my arm strength somewhat. i do this every other day weather permitting. what do you think?

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    I'm in the same boat as you. Nobody in my town wants to play baseball, just beer league softball.

    The closest baseball league to me is 90 miles away in Billings (I'm planning on playing)

    I threw a few buckets into the backstop last week.

    I think my next outing will be at one of the schools. They have some nice brick/cement walls that should propel the ball back pretty nice.


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      Wow, weird, I have done the same routine myself. I usually warm up, then move back 10 feet every 10 throws into the backstop. It helped me alot last year in my men's amateur baseball league. My arm stamina increased so much I pitched 12 innings in a playoff game to earn the win.


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