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What Glove has the best quality leather

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  • What Glove has the best quality leather

    What glove has the best leather?

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    Originally posted by mastachimpsta View Post
    What glove has the best leather?
    Best leather without price consideration is hands down the Rawlings Primo.

    The next group in my opinion is the Vinci Pro, Glovesmith Custom Elite, and Rawlings Pro Preferred.

    The leathers I would absolutley stay away from are the new HOH gloves. Oil injected and not nearly the quality that HOH once had.

    Last but not my opinion the most overrated piece of ---- (you fill in the blanks) EVER is the Wilson A2k's.


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      i was disappointed when i got my son a glovesmith and it had a made in china stamp on it. besides that he likes it.


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        get a Franklin


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          Nokona - made in the USA. The buffalo leather is outstanding. The buckskin is very durable. I bought a left handed catchers glove (special ordered buckskin model 225X) which I have used for 4 years catching my kids, it's in like new condition.
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            I have a TPX and its ok. I however second the Nokona.
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              If you want a quality glove for an amazing price, try a Guerrero. There $120 plus shipping - and are far and above that price in quality.
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