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Looking for some help on deciding what glove?

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  • Looking for some help on deciding what glove?

    I play second base at the college level and am looking for a new glove for the first time in a long time. I have narrowed down my search to:

    Rawlings 11-1/4 Pro Preferred Modified Trap Web (meant for smaller hands)

    Rawlings Pro Preferred 11-1/4 Trapeze Web (Ozzie Smith model)
    My question about this glove is how well are trapeze gloves for a second basemen. This glove is my top choice because I would assume the trapeze web is really good for an infielder, but I just want some opinions on what the pros and cons would be between the trapeze and modified trap like the first glove.

    Akadema 11.5 infeilders Reptilian glove (AXX 105)
    This glove I am more curious if anything about

    One more side note: I have always used an I-Web but I find my fingers get caught in the large openings sometimes. What difference do you guys think I may notice from switching because I have been reading I webs stop the spin of the ball, does this hold any truth to it?
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    For second base, I would recommend getting the smallest glove you can get (11 or 11 1/4). At that position it is more using the hands than the glove itself (deflection rather than catching).

    We often times have entire practices with our middle infielders using nothing more than a paddle glove or ping-pong paddle to reinforce just that.


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      Originally posted by BallCoach06 View Post
      (deflection rather than catching).
      Which is why I need a new glove. Mine is so soft and worn down it can't deflect the ball so to speak very well because the weather is so weak, and there is virtually no padding left to do it with without killing my hand.

      I already have a pancake type glove and mini glove for training with, I just need a new glove though.


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        Call me old fashioned, but I have never been a big fan of the trap-eze gloves for infielders. I like them for outfielders.

        Here is the glove I recently recommended to one of my 2B:


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