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Need help with junk pitch

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  • Need help with junk pitch

    So here's the situation. My elbow hurts from time to time but nothing major, i figured it out and its in my mechanics, sometimes i twist my wrist on fastballs and it used to be consistent so thats why i've been having elbow issues. So trying to avoid this i've been throwing a knuckle curve and me and my catcher notice that it hangs ALOT. Do you guys have any suggestions on a pitch i should try to pick-up and practice?

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    Why not fix your mechanics?


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      Are you saying you throw your fastball with a twist in the wrist to get a breaking ball? Obviously as you found out that isn't very good for your arm. A knuckle anything is pretty hard to learn to be effective with.

      I think we need to take a step back and ask about your team and such. I noticed in your profile you are 15. Am I to assume you are a freshmen on your baseball team? If so the first place I'd go is your coach and discuss this with him/her.

      If your coach is not a resource for you then I am going to ask you what other pitches you throw. When ones do you throw effectively in a game situation and which do you feel you have that are not used?

      The reason I ask is that if you are not throwing a variety of fastballs with change of speed pitches than I'd work on that first. Nothing wrong with working on breaking pitches on the side if your coach or someone qualified is there to show you how to properly throw them. I personally prefer that freshmen don't throw breaking pitches but I know the realities in high school so in lieu of hiding my head in the sand I suggest you get in person supervision when learning them.


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        No i think the twist from the wrist is a bad habit that i got from playing infield. I don`t play high school baseball we don't really have that around here, i play AAA U18 (it goes A,AA then AAA).

        I throw a 4 seem fastball and 2 seem. My 2 seem rides down and in on left handed batters. I also throw a change up, i use the 2 seem grip except with my middle and ring fingers. I threw a bullpen on sunday at our practice and the catcher said he could see a noticible diffrence in speeds between my fastball and change up. I was also throwing my knuckle curve and it hung alot. It comes down and in on lefties also, but it breaks like maybe 2 inches.


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          You want the knuckle curve to be whipped by that straightening fingertip as it leaves; right?

          While you worry about grips and wrist flips, what might be more important is when/how the throwing-side toe drags or leaves the ground at release. Experiment with that: make the toe brake the fingertip at release to whip it off the ball. (I'd say it better if only I knew how)
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