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  • Adirondack metal bats

    Anyone familiar with these metal bats?

    My son's league provided the team with a set of these bats. Heavy, solid feeling-- no PING sound when hit-- more of a CRACK sound. They are color coded-- logo and a stripe below the barrel. Green = 27, Black = 28, Blue = 29, etc. Size is engraved on the butt. I cannot see weights. Labels are worn off.

    I bought my son (8 y.o.) a TPX, and a Worth. Very light. Lots of sting. When he did get hits, they were pretty weak. He started hitting with one of these Adirondack bats and now prefers to hit with it. It shows in his hitting. Solid hits, farther hits, better swings all around. He is really excited. Definitely a boost in confidence.

    My wife is giving me the business after spending the money on the bats and he is now hitting with the league provided bats. (Figures)

    I was under the impression these were the tanks of the bat world. Heavy, solid, designed to last and take plenty of abuse. I didn't want him to use these industrial tools. I wanted him to use a (moderately) expensive bat with big name that I bought, because I cared about him hitting well with results. Yeah, well! Elitism be gone!

    So what is this telling me? Can I learn anything here on weight = transfer of energy? Was his 28", 17oz bat too light? Any idea on these bat's weights and construction? Any links to where these are promoted or sold so I can get more info?

    Enlighten me! And thanks...

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    I used an Adirondack about 28 years ago when I was 8. It was my reward from the Little League for obtaining $300 in donations on Tag Day..........I still have it if anyone needs a sturdy bat......
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      I have had a similar experience.

      When my son was 10, he picked out a LS bottom of the line $25 aluminum bat - it was a 30/23. I figured I would get him a "really good bat" for his birthday some months later - bought him a LS TPX 31/20 which was easily 5X the price. He liked his old bat better.

      We played against a team in summer league when he was 12 that used the same TPX bat (all the kids used the same bat too). They hit over 5 HRs off us that day, and I was shaking my head.

      My son is 13 now, and won't touch composite bats. He's moved up to the ST-20 expensive aluminum (like the Dynasty and the Omaha), and shoots a few homers out here and there, and is one of the better hitters on his teams.

      Kids are funny - as long as there is no harm you gotta go with what they like.

      John's Dad


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