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What do you think of creating a pitching protege?

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  • What do you think of creating a pitching protege?

    I was looking on line for some references to work with my kids on pitching and came across several videos of this kid named Aaron Cross. In some of the videos he is described as a Tom House protege.

    What do you guys think of creating a "protege"? It seems like it takes the fun out of the sport and makes it more of a way of life. I get it if the kid wants to do it all, but from the videos, the kid was doing this at 9 years old (now 12 y/o). Do many 9 year olds want to commit their lives to this type of training and commitment?

    Have you have heard of Aaron Cross? Is he as good as he looks in the videos?

    How about Tom House? I hear his books and videos are really good. Are his teachings worth the money? Are there better ones out there?
    Kid pitching
    Compilation of all videos with this kid

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