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  • Useful Saying by Coaches

    I just read over three pages of useless coaching sayings....and I agree most are silly. So, what are some USEFUL things to say to players as coaches during a game?

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    'you Parents! Yes You! Shut The Hell Up!!!"


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      Work hard with your legs to make it easier for your glove.

      You got to get in front of that ground ball you just tried to back hand or you have to learn to play outfield.

      There is no glove error that can't be made worse by trying to make up for it and making a throwing error.

      Field the #$%^ thing out in front.

      Yeah I know you like driving the ball. Take a few walks and I bet they give you pitches you CAN drive.


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        Originally posted by Benny Blades View Post
        I just read over three pages of useless coaching sayings....and I agree most are silly. So, what are some USEFUL things to say to players as coaches during a game?
        Hitters = Hands back (by the back shoulder).
        Pitcher = Focus on the glove and let it rip.
        Obsessed with Pitching Mechanics.


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          During a game??

          I feel other than defensive and offensive adjustments there isn't a whole bunch a coach should be saying other than:
          1. No problem
          2. Keep your chin up
          3. You're in this inning
          4. Don't worry we'll work on it during our next practice
          5. Stop spitting seeds at me
          6. etc...

          The games belong to the players, practice belongs to the coaches.
          "He who dares to teach, must never cease to learn."
          - John Cotton Dana (1856–1929) - Offered to many by L. Olson - Iowa (Teacher)
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            Here are some I like:

            - trust your Swing/ yourself/ hands/ etc
            - Nice an easy contact
            - Watch the ball all the way in


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              To fielders:
              • Ready positions!
              • Pay attention!
              • Stop kicking dirt
              • Stop throwing dirt
              • Get out of the dirt
              • Get up!
              • Who's ready? Who's paying attention?
              • Johnny, move over! Keep going...keep going....keep going...too far, come back...ok that's good. -OR- Johnny, take 5 big steps to your right. Other right. Ok, that's good.
              • Your glove's on the wrong hand buddy.
              • Put your hat on!
              • Don't fight over the ball!
              • We can talk about that later, watch the ball, he's gonna hit it!

              To hitters:
              • Switch your hands around, there you go, ok choke up, ok push your hands together. Like this. Now choke up again. Ok, hands together. Great!
              • Run! Run! Whoa, leave the bat! Run!
              • I don't care if you miss, just swing hard.
              • Good swing!
              • Run! Whoa whoa whoa, other way, first base, first base!


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                Great list. I enjoyed that.


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                  "Don't be afraid to make mistakes."


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                    You Are tough !
                    You Are strong !


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                      1. Know what you're going to do with a ground ball and with a fly ball before the ball is pitched.
                      2. Check the wind and field conditions when you go out each inning.


                      1. Time in the on-deck circle is YOUR time; use it.
                      2. Own the plate.
                      3. Every pitch is your pitch until you decide that it's not.

                      All players:

                      "How old did you say your older sister is?"
                      * * * * * * * * * *
                      Jesse, that's a great list for "advising" young players. Can we add to that, "Jimmy, why didn't you think of that between innings? . . . Blue, can we make a substitution for about 4 minutes while my right fielder ... uh, takes care of something?"
                      sigpicIt's not whether you fall -- everyone does -- but how you come out of the fall that counts.


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                        ATTA BABY !!
                        Primum non nocere


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                          Anything that is positive and builds confidence. I wish coaches did more of this.


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                            Before a game starts, I always ask if anyone has to go potty.
                            Obsessed with Pitching Mechanics.


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                              Time Blue!

                              Hey catch, take the cup out of your back pocket and put it on.


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