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    I didn't think this belonged in the "Ask the Umpire" thread, at least not right away. I don't want it to get buried because I really need some advice here. If the mods disagree so be it, but I'd appreciate leaving it as its own thread for now. I have no problem with merging it later. Anyway...

    I've been asked to umpire my son's machine pitch games (7-8 yo). I was told it would be fairly straightforward, but the first game was anything but. There were several close calls (which I apparently blew, according to one dugout ), and a couple times where I wasn't sure what the appropriate ruling was. I've never done this before (for any sport) and I obviously have a lot to learn.

    As far as I can tell, basic rules of baseball apply. The exception is each batter is allowed 5 pitches from the machine. If they can't hit the ball into play in 5 pitches, they're out. I'm responsible for keeping the pitch count, keeping track of the outs, and making calls in the field. This sounds simple, but I was challenged on all three counts.

    Also, the way it works is each team supplies an umpire, so there are two of us in the field. Last week, the other team didn't have one so I was it. At times I felt like another pair of eyes would have really helped, but I can see where it could cause problems too. With close calls, the final say always goes to the home team's umpire. Each team also provides a scorekeeper.

    Any advice? I'd like to hear anything from tips on how best to keep track of pitch counts, outs, innings, etc., how to maintain control of the game, to basic rules like "tie goes to the runner". Just pretend I'm totally green and I've never done anything like this before.

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