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Are there any pro pitchers that pitch from different angles?

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  • Are there any pro pitchers that pitch from different angles?

    Are there any pitchers in the pros that will throw over the top.. and then all of a sudden throw a pitch side arm.. and then throw over the top and then just mix it all up? because i faced a kid the other night (high school baseball) who through about 87 but would pitch from random different angles so it was extremely hard to pick up.. are there any pros that do this?

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    David Cone, Jeff Weaver, Tim Hudson


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      El Duque (Orlando Hernandez), Jose Contreras
      Riding Revel8


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        There are not alot but there are some. Generally they do it for say an out pitch or a setup pitch not one to dominate or get ahead early with. The problem at least with the ones listed so far in this thread ... all have had arm problems though (not sure if Cone did or not).
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          Tim Hudson. Both curveballs.

          Roger Clemens. Both fastballs, same speed 91 MPH.

          Bronson Arroyo drops sidearm for his curveball sometimes too. Jake Peavy drops down, too.
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