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  • Primo

    Has anyone ever used a Rawlings Primo? What did you think of it? What stores have them that i can see it in person?
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    First ask yourself why you need to spend $400 on a baseball glove??? You don't. It's a rip-off. Not that the leather quality is bad, but why do you want a baseball glove made out of the stuff they put in a Ferrari? (that's not a fact, it's probably not even true - but it makes a good point). The POINT is: that a baseball glove needs to be RUGGED and DURABLE - not STYLISH. If you want a mantle piece, buy a mantle piece. If you want something that's going to serve you well in snaggin' that little white pill, buy a good glove.

    If you're a Rawlings person, the highest "series" you should ever need is a Heart of the Hide - anything higher is basically "for show." Yes, the Pro Preffered and Primo series leather IS BETTER QUALITY, but they are not NECESSARY for a good glove. The difference between Gold Glove, HOH, and Pro-Preferred is how "tight" the grain is. Gold Gloves break-in very easily (much too quickly) and therefore will BREAKDOWN just as quickly. The KIP leather used in a Pro-Preferred glove comes from a calf, so the leather grain is very very fine (as it has not had a chance to "develop" yet). HOH leather is made from the toughtest leather on a mature cow, and that's why they are so "stiff" brand new - that's a GOOD THING (it means it will maintain it shape). As far as the Primo goes, the Italian's can keep it. But if you have the money, and want to show it off...go for it. But if you're going to spend THAT kind of money on a glove that's going to get "dirty," you better learn the proper way to care of it - or it will last you as long the Wal-Mart glove you can buy for $40.
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