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High School Baseball: Small Ball vs Money Ball

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    Originally posted by FindAGap12 View Post
    Remember that teams bunt and steal much less when they are behind. So teams will have more stolen bases and sacs because they are winning and ahead early in the game. If a top level team has a win/loss of 50-20, of course they will have more stolen base attempts and sac bunts than their opponents, but IMO these are not the reasons why they are winning, they are a product of having a lead in most games.
    I agree that teams ahead will bunt and steal more, however there was more to the numbers I gave above, and all those reasons combined are reasons these teams win, IMO.

    Pitching and defense is what helps these teams hold their opponents down in the early innings, and then using the small game is what helps them get the lead and keep the lead through out the game, so I believe it directly affects why they win.

    Also, over the past few years I can find several solid teams that do not have more stolen bases or sac bunts than their opponents. The interesting thing is that when I have found teams like this, they usually have not gone for during the post-season.

    One team I am really watching this year is Florida State (37-7). A few more SB or Sacrifices than their opponents, a worse fielding percentage than their opponents, and a K:BB ratio of less than 2:1. Real interested to see how far they go in the post-season.


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      Originally posted by stejay View Post
      I now teach my team that plate discipline is key to success. You can have a huge home run hitter, but if he swings at everything, he will come undone by the cleverer pitchers. That is what I teach my team. I sort of learnt this from reading Moneyball
      What age do you teach?
      "He who dares to teach, must never cease to learn."
      - John Cotton Dana (1856–1929) - Offered to many by L. Olson - Iowa (Teacher)
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