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    i recall.
    and you quit.
    ever been in a street fight richie? no. 1 is don't stop.


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      This isn't a street fight and the bigger man would stop first.


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        Adam Sandler, Jack Nicholson, and Porkchop could make a good movie.

        I suggest they call it "Anger Management".


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          frame counting

          Originally posted by lclifton
          And so,,,,,you start counting, when?
          Ray, when do you start counting frames ? You know, the topic here....or are you quitting?



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            Mark H,

            That is a very good swing to show posture and swing plane. Thanks I will be using this with the girls to show them a girl doing it right.

            The funny thing is the clip of her in right view pro from the Pro league, shows her taking a terrible swing. She is swinging down at a pitch down. Maybe Candrea knows a couple of things and keeps them on the right track while playing for him.


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              Lot of those female swings in the Right View package are pretty ugly. I guess you've seen Jsiggy's female site? Nice collection.



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                Maybe Candrea knows a couple of things and keeps them on the right track while playing for him.
                If he does - and he may - he's hiding it from Jung. Her recent swings are horrible. Not even close to the monster she was 2 years ago in D1 (a skinny little girl leading the country in HRs and sporting a 1.03 Slug).

                She has been my favorite hitter. Now I can't even watch. I was standing 10 feet away from her at a clinic in Arizona, and it was all I could do not to scream "STOP IT!! Stop it RIGHT NOW!!"

                The college swing Mark linked looks great. However, the clip in RVP IS representative of today's reality. In fact, bear in mind that was the swing Slaught decided to INCLUDE in the package. Wow.

                Man, I'd love to get a day w/ her. Or have Mark. Or better yet, Steve. Because I'm telling you, 2 years ago she was phenomenal, and she could be again.




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                  How in the world can a swing that was so good go so bad so quickly???

                  I understand that she may have gotten poor coaching, but doesn't she realize what's happening?

                  When my DD gets BAD advice/coaching...
                  I tell her to look her coach in the eye, listen carefully to his advice, say yes sir when he's done...THEN do exactly what she was doing BEFORE!

                  You CAN'T listen and implement EVERY piece of coaching advise otherwise ALL of our DD's would be ELBOW UP BUG SQUISHERS THROWING THEIR HANDS AT THE BALL WHILE THEY SWING DOWN HITTERS!!!



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                    4 yrs ago I was at Candrea's clinic. She was hitting great! I too noticed this 2 years ago in Palm Springs (while with the Olympic team) that she seemed much less effective. I had her on video taking BP and it was awesome (4 yrs ago)...Don't know what happened.
                    I have a hunch, Scott remember when we spoke about "live arm" pitching?
                    Well she got to hit daily off of Nancy Evans, may have something to do with it.???

                    She is an amazing athlete and I hope she "finds" it again.

                    Big Daddy,
                    I like how you teach your daughter. This is exactly what happened to mine last year during high school ball and she had similar instructions (from me) to be respectful...and yes most will end up doing the things you describe. I like your style.

                    Gotta tell this story real quick,
                    This year's high school coach wanted to talk about hitting. We've spent some time together talking and she explained to me the way she was taught. (very similar to bigdaddy's description) Swing down, hands to the ball, weight back etc. She brought her daughter (11 yrs old) over and I had the privilege of working with her a few times,,,,,One of the first things she worked on with the high school team this year--------Posture and the box,,,,,,,,,Can you believe it???

                    Keep it up guys, keep it up.



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                      Good story! The more converts the better. Fastpitch will only improve if the hitters begin to catch up with the pitchers.



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