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  • Hitting - my freshman

    What do you think?

    Hips go forward / Hands go back

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    Originally posted by straightleg View Post
    Her hips are not powering the swing. She starts the hands and shoulders way before the hips. Her hips are following the hands instead of the other way around, and she finishes like a golfer. Her hands are ending up near her left ear instead of near the left shoulder.

    Watch his hips open first.

    Note where his hands finish.

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      j. booth thanks.

      I always had problems getting her hips into the swing. And her bat angle is too steep.

      I see what you are saying.

      Hips go forward / Hands go back


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        Serious potential.
        I don't think she's "far" out of sequence.

        What I do like is she is not counter rotating on a tee swing.

        She could load a little more that would help the sequence, (keep her from starting from a dead stop) but I still think there is great potential here due to the quickness she displays.

        Straight, how does she hit now?


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          I am with jbooth about the hips. You can freeze the swing when the hands start moving and the hips have done nothing. This is typical in softball swings...but I also agree that she is a lot closer than most .


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            She has been poping up lately and not driving it. 1-5 swings she will drive it.

            Hips are not into swing completly because of the way she hits the ball.

            Except for that 1-5 thing. She bats high 300's very few strikouts, but we both know, it is not there.

            Hips go forward / Hands go back


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