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  • Legion Ball.

    What year in school should I start legion ball? What is legion ball exactly? Does anyone know of any legion teams in Utah? Is it in place of high school summer and fall ball?

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    Hi Nick,
    American Legion Baseball is one of the oldest baseball organizations in the country. While geographically bound teams travel to other parts of the state within their zone and the teams are typically made of the better HS players in the area. Our team is made up of 5 HS's. Many good high school players use AL as their summer ball. The list of Legion players manking it to the pros is huge. It's great baseball. If you require further info please advise. I am a CT State American Legion Baseball Commissioner. Read here:
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      I was born and raised in Montana, one of the two states that doesn't have high school baseball! There is Class A (smaller division) and Call AA.

      The legion team I played on drew from 4 very small towns and we still only had 13-14 guys. Overall, Montana does very well in Legion baseball. Our state champions seem to do well at the Regional level in most years.

      Right now I live in Wyoming, the other state that doesn't play high school baseball, and the Legion ball is pretty good here also.


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