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  • Good Swing analysis software

    I know this has been discussed in the past, but I thought maybe there has been some new software since the old thread. I am looking for some recommendations or options of computer software for swing analysis that I can use to show my players their swings. I have a mac, so I am especially interested if there is anything on the market yet for Mac's, but I could run a p.c. program if that is all there is available. Thanks

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    Very good info/analysis approach and software from Mankin at


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      I use JC Video


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        Check out Instructoswing...


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          I've used Sports Motion Software for 5 years and have been very happy with it.

          Here is their website where you can download a trial version of the software.

          Not sure about the MAC compatability, but I'm sure a phone call will answer that . . . (888) 265-6226
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            I use Motion Pro software for my video analysis of catchers. It has a version just for baseball. Link below

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            Coach Weaver
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              Ah my hitting coach had a good one I can't remember what it is. I would opt for one with the ability to stack your footage with a pro player (make it so you can look at your player next to one or more players ... my coaches you could do 3 other players pro or other footage). That way you can have concrete evidence that there are similar things like contact position ect. I would think all of the programs like that have a drawing tool as well so you can make marks like John Madden haha.
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                V1 Sports has a free trial version that is pretty good, and you can spend $40 to upgrade it which will give you split screen among other things:
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                  I have Right View Pro
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                    60 fps

                    Some, maybe all, state to pull 60 frames per second from the normal 30 by deinterlacing I believe. Anyone have experience with that? Does it eliminate some of the bat head blur?

                    Forgot to mention that I know it's for mini DV avi format.
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