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    Wondering if anyone has heard anything of or ever used anything by Perry Husband? If so, what do you think of it?

    "Coaches should teach people to play better baseball, not teach baseball to make better players."
    "In the Little League manual it says 'Baseball builds character' - that is not true. Baseball reveals character." - Augie Garrido

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    His effective velocity stuff is interesting. I've purchased his series of three books on effective velocity but haven't had a chance to read them yet.

    I'm not up on his hitting stuff.


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      I've heard of Perry, but this is the first time I've seen anything of his.

      It sounds like he has 3 keys to hitting,

      1) Load the backside with leverage
      2) push hard off the backside
      3) lock out the front side

      I also saw something in another clip that I liked.

      There are some clips of hitters that are doing his 3 keys to hitting. I guess he has worked with these hitters. They show their batspeed in the video clips.

      It seemed all the hitters hit on top of the front leg, which in a batting practice swing isn't all that bad. They all seem to be using one style, the knee lift and a step back to create leverage off the back side.

      Their swings are very sloppy, posture seems to be very poor, and the swings do not match the posture plane.

      Batspeed alone is not a good measure of the quality of the swing.

      They seem to all follow the technique that Perry is teaching, the 3 keys.

      The rest of the body and arms/hands react according to the style/technique being taught.

      I wouldn't mind looking into what Perry has to say and buy his special package. Although, like many hitting programs it looks like the results are total technique driven, his 3 keys. And the swings themselves did not look very good. They are relying on leverage to much, which I happen to agree with although like anything more is not necessarily better.

      His 3 keys can be applied to what Yeager, Epstein, Derenne, Tom Robson, etc., teaches. Although what I think Perry is doing is focuses to much on some simple concepts to drive the swing.


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        He has a free lesson book that you can sign up for and it's delivered right away. It explains his 3 keys, so he isn't trying to hide anything. He is willing to give away his approach for free, and then I'm sure his stuff he is selling goes into more details.

        go to and click on web book store. A pop up will come up offering a free web book lesson with video. You will instantly receive an email for verification and then the lesson will be sent to you right away. You must download a plug-in to view his web book, which only takes a few seconds.
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