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Baserunner's Interference Question

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  • Baserunner's Interference Question

    Hello all, quick question regarding baserunner's interference. Here is the scenario: A batter hits a pop foul just outside the firstbase line, about halfway down the line to first. On contact he is running hard, and in the process makes contact with the pitcher who is breaking to foul ground to try to make the play. Now I understand the fielder has the right of way to make the play, but my question is whether the baserunner running in foul territory (just outside the line, but still on the dirt), and the ball clearly being a foul ball, have any bearing on the rule interpretation. Does that rule only apply to balls in fair territory? The batter-baserunner was ruled out as a result of interference. I tried selling my foul ball case (not sure if I had a leg to stand on) and the ump stood firm. I'm sure he was correct with the call, but wanted to know if someone could clarify the rule on such a scenario. Thanks!!!

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