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  • Drills

    Does anybody have any drills on how to gain velocity for pitching.

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    Do a youtube search for Alan Jaeger.


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      Does he do a lot of stuff for pitchers?


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        I watched the YouTube video mentioned above. This seemed like some very good strength training stuff. I work with 9-11 year old little league pitchers and I'm trying to come up with a pitching camp type program for winter ball. Can anyone see drawbacks to using the basics in the video for 9-11 year olds? Obviously I would not have them hucking the ball 320 feet, but I think the idea applys? I'm always concerned about doing some bone head thing that hurts my kids arms. I thought this would be a good sounding board to see what others think.
        I'm fairly good at teaching basic pitching mechanics. I've been working with 6 kids all season this year and had good results. So, throwing mechanics I've got (though open to suggestions if anyone has them), but I've never seen or used any strength training other than moving kids back progressively to 70 feet or so during warm ups.

        I'd like to hear any other suggestions on things I could do for a pitching camp type situation. I'd like to get 30 kids into the program but I can't realistically see being able to keep that many busy either. Seems like 20 is the max I could handle with one assistant coach. Even then I'd probably stager start times so I'd be working with the first group while the second warms up and does some strength training. In my experience they need a lot of individual attention or they just don't get enough out of it.


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          A couple good sites to look through are as follows:

          The Pitching Academy

          Steven Ellis
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