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  • Fast Pitchers - Cue?

    My son is now playing on an 11U travel team. We played our first tournament last weekend and did reasonably well. In our last game we were facing a pitcher throwing 65mph which was faster than our kids were used to. I am curious as to what you would tell your kids in these cases when they are facing the top pitchers who clearly throw harder than most of the kids. They were late and had a tough time putting the bat on the ball until later in the game when the pitcher slowed down a bit.

    The reason I ask this is after reading this site and others I think many of the "cue's" you hear coaches say are incorrect. Such as "quick hands" to name one. I also realize that talented kids will adjust after they see this type of pitching a few times. Yet, there is always that one pitcher you face every once in a while who throws very hard. What do some of you say or think in these situations?

    I appreciate your input, thanks!
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    pump up the speed during practice.


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      Start everything earlier, meaning your load or stride.


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        Originally posted by rob
        Start everything earlier, meaning your load or stride.

        and pray he doesn't have a good changeup


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          I'm not a big fan of pitching machines, but if there is one thing I is that EACH time you work in the cages with a machine you should pump up the speed. This will challenge the hitters and get them to figure out how to adjust on their own.



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            As the players wait on deck and on the bech, it would probably serve them best if they paid close attention to the pitchers timing. Have them visualize that they are the ones up in the batters box and going through the motions in their head.


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              It's not just timing. They have to learn to track the faster closing speed which is where the machine comes in.


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