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  • strike zone?

    i need help, is there any drills or anything that can help me know the strike zone better? Lately i have been swinging at bad pitches and i don't think i know the strike zone as well as i should.
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    If you have a batting cage you can hang two strings for inside and outside ball/strike and have someone pitch BP to you from about 20 feet. That will allow you do swing yet see where it was.


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      Sometimes (not saying this is your issue) hitters who chase bad pitches do not have a solid game plan when they step into the box. Because they haven't truly identified their strength zone, they tend to chase a lot more pitches. There are places on the plate that you must identify as your "red" zone. These are the locations on the plate you will crush when a pitch is thrown there.

      By locating the places in the zone you hit well, you'll find your confidence grow. Once that happens, you'll become less of a defensive hitter by swinging at a pitcher's pitch. Hope some of that made sense.
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