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    Originally posted by LAball View Post
    Thats a very good description for me to understand. Do you have any more for other pitches?

    If I am a batter with a right hand pitcher, the slider spins counter-clock wise?
    Yes. And each pitch has a different speed. The slider is usually about 6 - 8 mph slower than the fastball, and the curve is 12 - 14 mph slower than the fastball.

    Fastball 90mph
    Slider 83mph
    Curve 76


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      Keep your weight back, that's usually the biggest problem.


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        Originally posted by baseballer6 View Post
        Hi, I've been hitting fine all season but all of a sudden I can't hit a curveball to save my life. It looks like I'm going to hit it but then I just swing right over top of it. Does anyone know any drills to help this. I know my swing plane needs to be more of an uppercut when hitting a curveball but I still cant manage to hit it.
        I took this posting to heart and decided to write an article on it to help others who have similar thoughts understand a bit more of what we have been saying. Here is the ARTICLE
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          This is an old thread by now. But I didnt know exactly how to put my feelings into words about this thread. First, I think the reason you cant hit the curve balls is because you have no adjustability in the swing. I've read somewhere that the swing is a 2 engine fire. Im not exactly sure what others mean by it, but this is my take. You cant hit curve balls because you have a 1 engine fire. I feel 2 engine fire allows for adjustability. The first engine fires and give the bat the so running start, get the bat moveing. Then the second engine fires, during the firing of the second engine, the batter can adjust the bat head. And thats how you hit a curveball....... maybe.

          I have a lot of respect for many posters at BBF, but telling him to basically give up hitting curveballs and hit fastballs sounds like ... well... hrm. Sounds like not being true to the faith of striving batter. I dont even know if that makes since. I do understand that hitting fastballs is a realistic answer though, because you aint gana be able to explain the details of the perfect swing. Heck many of us cant even agree on what is the perfect swing, let alone explaining it.

          I felt that saying ignore the curveball, was like saying just forget it kid, cuz it aint gana happen, drops the spirit of BBF. But I guess its a realist answer unfortunately


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