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  • Drag bunting

    This weekend I had a chance to watch some college softball and I notice about 30% of there players would bat left and step through the swing kinda in a way. Is that drag bunting? Does anyone have clips of this? I dont get cable :o to I cant show my son, who is a left, this.

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    I have NEVER seen what they do taught or used in baseball. What they do can literally be described as "getting a running start" - and it's not a bunt at all, it is a full swing (they are taught to do it this way). Softball is a different game, the field is much smaller, and the 3Bman usually plays very close, leaving the hitter very little time to get down the line. In baseball, a drag bunt is usually used to catch a "sleeping" (deep) 3Bman - not one who is waiting for a bunt - or a pitcher who falls way off toward 3B with the 1Bman playing deep. Different game, different approach, different techniques.

    You can show him. But, personally, this is something I would never teach my players.
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      those speedy lefty girls sometimes drag bunt but for the most part they are doing whats called "slapping"...they start in the back of the box, get a running start and just try to poke it over the 3B/SS head or in the 5.5 gap. like i said they will occasionally drag bunt but are mainly slapping


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        The 60 foot bases allow for more variations in offense including the short gamers who dink it left or right or who lift it over the infield, poke it through the infield, or in a few cases can hit for gap power or better. It's like the triple option in football. It's very difficult to defense all the options on a versatile slapper in softball. Play back and they will be standing on first waiting to steal second. Play up and they can slap it by you. It's a viable option for the very fast. The ones who are adept at slapping it into the ground for a high bounce are really frustrating.


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