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  • StraightGrain11
    Heart of the Hide is a great glove (I have 3). I have a similar model to the ProDJ2 in an 11" - like it a lot. If you like basket webs, and a glove that's not too small, but at the same time not too large, it's a very nice glove.

    Pro-preferred leather is of better quality - but Heart of the Hide leather is also of good quality (it would be like comparing a GTO (Heart of the Hide) to a Crovette (Pro-preferred), both are nice, the 'Vette just has a little more "class").

    From what I hear, the Primos would serve you better as a saddle - they're very heavy (and I don't care how good the leather is, I can't justify $400 for a glove to anybody).
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  • Hartattack52
    started a topic New Glove

    New Glove

    Has anyone had any experience with the Rawlings ProDJ2? How does it compare to the Pro Prefered and Primo?

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