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    Originally posted by Mark H View Post
    After weight shift/momentum development, sure. Paul was right when he said you have to have some forward momentum to rotate well. You don't have to have a lot, but you have to have some. If you will watch elite hitters you will see the hips, or more, shift foward before/into rotation. It's not really arguable looking at video of elite hitters. I bet if you watch your better hitters carefully, especially on slow motion video, you will see they have figured this out on their own intuitively. The nature of the shift and momentum conversion gets argued all the time but rarely is the existence of a shift/momentum development argued.
    Good point, but how can u explain Barry Bonds swing? There are 100 ways to skin a cat, that's all I'm saying. I stay open to suggestions. I was at a Grizzlies game in Fresno, and I seen a number approaches. You can't expect every player to do the same. Work to their strengths.


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      Originally posted by Swing Coach View Post
      1. If (and only if) a little kid has poor rotation, I see it as a logical first step to teach him how to squish the bug. Once he is rotating correctly, then I would start working on weight shift.

      2. The boy in the original post has an incorrect swing plane...down through the ball. This also creates a very small hitting zone and does not allow the bat any direct momentum into the ball. THis is why he may be grounding out a lot and hitting for little power.

      3. Jim Thome once told me he would spend hours throwing up tiny rocks and smashing them over an imaginary fence. Like a fungo hit. Any kid who can throw a ball up and hit it into center field has the base for a sound, mechanical swing. The boy in the video would find this activity impossible. But workign on it would be fun for him and his mechanics would begin to improve along with his success at the drill.
      Thank u swingcoach. 95 percent of the U9's don't understand the rotation. They do step on's a good start, but of course not ideal. My 9 year old gets It. Cues...then take it to the next level. Just like pitching...start from the ground up.


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        Originally posted by rkbenn View Post
        Good point, but how can u explain Barry Bonds swing?
        Could you elaborate on this? What do you mean? Are you saying he doesn't shift? Or, are you saying he is incredibly unique?

        Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Billy Williams, Frank Robinson and Barry Bonds have nearly identical fundamentals. Except that Ruth took a long stride.


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