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  • Chris O'Leary
    Originally posted by tip184 View Post
    He sets his hands in a great position to hit, but doesn't seem to load.
    1. I think his hands are too high. I would prefer that they were closer to the height of his back elbow.

    2. I don't like how the head of the bat drops out of the swing plane and down behind him.

    3. It looks like he's trying to swing down on the ball.

    4. On the plus side, he shows less bat drag than most. Of course, this may be limiting his power at this age.
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  • tip184
    He sets his hands in a great position to hit, but doesn't seem to load. I would recommend bringing the hands back as the pitch comes in, and leaning back on his right leg. This will help get the legs and hips into his swing. From what I saw it looked an all wrist and arms swing.

    These look like very young ballplayers, so it's good to see their coach working on proper technique from a very early age. Keep it up.

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  • pauly21
    started a topic Swing Suggestions - Video link

    Swing Suggestions - Video link

    Any suggestions.

    Makes good contact, does not strike out.

    Just having issues with lack of power and hitting
    into the ground a lot (i know the video is a pop up)

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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