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    This site is developing into a very good replacement for

    Many of those members are here and the numbers seem to be increasing.

    Dissention is allowed instead of banned. As much as I argue about this stuff I never feel threatened by other opinions like the huckster did.

    ******** like me are not muzzled.

    Lunatics like Tom are not muzzled.

    Wannabes like Swingbuster are allowed to post as long as they can take a beating.

    Lots of clips are posted. Lots of opinions given.

    Lurkers learn a lot.

    We've got a current active big league prospect/player actively participating.

    As I learned yesterday, we've got a dad (at least one) whose daughter is being recruited by DI schools.

    Steve keeps us all in line.

    No complaining about "feelings" being hurt.

    I like it.

    Of course, the Connecticut huckster will now post that I can't distinquish between what is good and what is not. What I know for sure is....his stuff is good....and he is not.

    Don't forget to send your setpro horror stories to [email protected].

    You just don't know what kind of kick this gives me.
    Last edited by Bob Hannah; 03-13-2006, 06:06 AM.

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    Read this quickly as I might delete it.....agree with all...except the wannabe part.


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      Nyman has issues. He's reaping what he has sown. The poor fool just hasn't learned from his mistakes and probably wont. Setpro is a dead forum, no more than a few visitors/registrants there at a time, such a shame.


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        I called me worse than you.

        And, you can fix the wannabe part.

        Just costs $150.


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          considering the quality of a lot of the stuff i've seen here so far, this is a GREAT replacement, although i'm not content with 'replacement' being the word to use with it's meanings being: backup, double, equivalent, fill-in, proxy, stand-in, sub, surrogate... This site seems to be an improved version. so like HM 2.0
          "Do not dismiss what you do not understand"
          "A word to the wise ain't necessary. It's the stupid ones who need the advice." - Bill Cosby
          "There are sound intellectual grounds for holding faith positions" - Fungo 22


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            I enjoy the differing opinions and theories. I lost my $250+ at S#tpro!


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              Could we somehow get a replacement?

              It would be great if whoever the owner of this site is could create a hitting forum and a pitching forum.


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                I am just glad I saw Mark or maybe scott link this site, because eteamz gets as stale as hell with the Marshall spam.


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                  Originally posted by rob
                  It would be great if whoever the owner of this site is could create a hitting forum and a pitching forum.
                  I second this. I agree with Ohfor that this site has effectively replaced - and perhaps surpassed - I miss the same level of detail and discussion on the pitching side that we use to get with and setpro. I wish I were qualified to do something about it, but I think it requires some of the folks that use to frequent those sites. Are you guys listening?


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                    Just costs $150.
                    Well ship the damn thing already with a return address. I asked for it two weeks ago. He needs a secretary. Why don't you do that for him. You could fill orders instead of giving out bad advice.

                    SwingBuster Sports
                    501 Cahaba RD
                    Selma, Al 36701


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                      I thought ofor was his secretary.oh well he must be head of inhuman resource dept.
                      Last edited by wogdoggy; 03-13-2006, 03:57 PM.


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                        Originally posted by rob
                        It would be great if whoever the owner of this site is could create a hitting forum and a pitching forum.
                        There are some softball people around these boards too, let's include a fastpich section while we are gathering a wish list.


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                          I second that "emotion"...Coach Zee!

                          I'd like to see a fastpitch hitting and fastpitch pitching section to this site...BUT....I'm only a guest and new to this site..

                          We had a pretty good thing going with the site and the number of excellent contributors there....

                          Just my opinion....

                          Steve (Biocat777)


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                            Unfortunately I never made it to the H-M forums till it was too late. The only post that I paid attention to post whatever happened was his topic "To the Englishbey posse". I had to find out who this Englishbey @$$ really was. Am I glad that I did. I've now had the fortune of spending a weekend with him and HiddenGem - learned a ton!


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